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HSE Strategy

  • TC HSE Commitment

    TC promises to always adhere to the principle of people-oriented, safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management of safety production.

    TC is committed to the continuous implementation of cleaner production and is committed to sustainable development. Widely listen to the opinions of customers, employees and the society, and put the protection of employees' health, the safety of enterprise production, and the protection of the ecological environment at the top of the work.

  • TC HSE Target

    TC pursues zero injury, zero pollution and zero accident, and builds itself into a green and ecological modern high-end manufacturing enterprise.

    Safety is the foundation of our core values. Always pursue the stable development concept of safety, environment and health.

  • TC HSE Policy

    Work safety should be people-oriented, insisting that people come first and life comes first. Put the protection of people's lives and safety in the first place, adhere to the concept of safe production, and adhere to the policy of safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management.

  • TC Nine Safety Principles

    ①  All accidents and injuries are avoidable.

    ②  Working and living safely is a condition of employment.

    ③  Benefits are based on good safety performance.

    ④  Managers are responsible for managing safety and are accountable for safety outcomes.

    ⑤  Managers must conduct security audits.

    ⑥  Employees are the key to safe work.

    ⑦  Employees must receive safety training.

    ⑧  I am responsible for the safety of my area.

    ⑨  Safety hazards should be reported and dealt with in a timely manner.

  • TC Six Safety Golden Rules

       No one is allowed to smoke in the no-smoking area.

       No one is allowed to drink alcohol before work.

       No one may conceal an accident.

       No one shall violate the fire safety management procedures.

       No one shall violate the safety management procedures for entering confined spaces.

       No one may violate lockout tagout safety management procedures.

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