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DBC (Direct Copper Bonding) process is a method of directly bonding pure copper to ceramics. DBC-ZTA ceramic copper clad laminate is a product based on zirconium-doped alumina Al2O3 ceramics. Compared with DBC-Al2O3 ceramic copper clad laminate, it has longer service life and better reliability.


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Additional Information

  • ? ZTA ceramic substrate improves reliability through zirconium-doped Al2O3 ceramics

    ? Compared with DBC- Al2O3, it has higher reliability, and has more price advantage than AMB copper clad liner

    ? For use in the medium power output range

    ? Thermal conductivity of 26 W/m*K at 25°C

    ? CTE of 7.5x10-6/K over 40°C - 400°C temperature range

    ? Can carry large current, high current carrying capacity

    ? Can be customized to match different ceramic thickness, Cu layer thickness and surface treatment according to customer requirements


  • ●  white household appliances

    ●  Electric Vehicles

    ●  PV inverter

  • ●  Wind Turbines

    ●  Frequency converter and uninterruptible power supply UPS

Technical Parameter

  • TCQ-WF-RD-02 Product Specifications(DBC)
    TCQ-WF-RD-02 Product Specifications(DBC)

    File Type:pdf

    File Size:382 KB

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