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DBC-Al?O? Ceramic CCL

DBC (Direct Copper Bonding) process is a method of directly bonding pure copper to ceramics. Compared with AMB process products, DBC ceramic copper clad circuit boards have high cost performance, and provide sufficient thermal conductivity, mechanical properties and electrical properties for medium and low power semiconductor application products while ensuring insulation performance.


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Additional Information

  • ? DBC-Al2O3 High cost performance in suitable application scenarios

    ? Provides adequate thermal conductivity and mechanical properties for suitable applications

    ? Good insulating properties

    ? Alumina ceramic thermal conductivity of 24 W/m*K at 25°C

    ? Alumina ceramic has a CTE of ≤6.9 x10-6/K in the temperature range of 40°C - 400°C, which is better than metal substrate or PCB substrate

    ? Can carry large current, high current carrying capacity

    ? Can be customized to match different ceramic thickness, Cu layer thickness and surface treatment according to customer requirements


  • ●  White household appliances

    ●  Diode Refrigerator

    ●  PV inverter

    ●  Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • ●  Industrial Motors

    ●  Industrial Drives

    ●  Smart Grid

    ●  Vehicle electrification

Technical Parameter

  • TCQ-WF-RD-02 Product Specifications(DBC)
    TCQ-WF-RD-02 Product Specifications(DBC)


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