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AMB Silicon Nitride Ceramic CCL

The AMB (Active Metal Brazing) process utilizes a small amount of active elements (for example, titanium Ti) contained in the brazing material to react with the ceramic to form a reactive layer that can be wetted by the liquid brazing material, thereby realizing the ceramic-metal bonding a method.

AMB-Si3N4 ceramic copper clad circuit board has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, high insulation, high heat capacity and thermal expansion coefficient matching with the chip. It is an indispensable packaging material in the power semiconductor industry.


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Additional Information

  • ●  Can be customized to match different ceramic thicknesses, Cu layer thicknesses and surface treatment methods according to customer requirements

    ●  Thermal conductivity ≥ 80 W/m*K at 25°C

    ●  2.5~3.1 ppm/K CTE at 40°C - 400°C temperature range

    ●  Bending strength ≥700MPa, with higher reliability, suitable for severe working conditions

    ●  The copper layer above 0.8mm can be brazed, the current carrying is large, and the thermal resistance is reduced

    ●  Through selective Ag plating surface treatment and supporting sintering Ag process, it is perfectly suitable for SiC chips


  • ●  Photovoltaic wind power

    ●  Electric vehicles

    ●  High-end white household appliances

  • ●  Power Transmission and distribution

    ●  Traction system

Technical Parameter

  • TCQ-WF-RD-01 Product Specifications(AMB)
    TCQ-WF-RD-01 Product Specifications(AMB)

    File Type:pdf

    File Size:360 KB

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