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Service Concept

Adhere to the guiding ideology of "quality first, customer first";

Establish market-oriented and customer-oriented thinking, strengthen the quality awareness of all employees, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees for quality work.

Give full play to subjective initiative and strengthen quality control;

We adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude towards repeated quality problems, and firmly establish the concept of "quality is the customer".

  • 01
    Fast response speed

    Worry about what the customer wants, think what the customer thinks.

    Customer information: preliminary reply within 2 hours;

    Customer feedback: inform the preliminary processing results within 12 hours;

    Customer suggestion: inform the final situation within 48 hours;

    Customer complaints: friendly negotiation and joint efforts, if necessary, arrive at the customer site within 2 working days, issue a relevant feedback report within 5 working days, and negotiate the next improvement plan certification.

    Designated customer communication window, 24 hours non-stop.

    Fast response speed
  • 02
    Form a multi-professional customer service team

    Targeted to provide customers with quality services

    Customer-oriented, technology-oriented, management-guaranteed, we will give full play to the advantages of inter-professional teams, work together to solve customer problems, record customer feedback, and provide customers with high-quality services in a targeted manner.

    Form a multi-professional customer service team
  • 03
    Technological innovation

    Create value for customers

    Adhere to the customer and the market as the center, coordinate the innovation work in a unified way, conduct in-depth research on the factors affecting the performance of products, and create value for customers.

    Technological innovation

Quality Guarantee

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